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Iodized 1st and 2nd salt (20kg bags)
Salt for fish salting
Flower of Salt (200 gr)
Refined and coarse salt
Sanitized and iodized (1 kg)
Refined and coarse table salt
Sanitized and iodized (250 gr)

Headquartered in Benguela and with production facilities between Baia Farta and Chiome, Salinas Calombolo has been operating since 1989 and is engaged in the extraction and marketing of sea salt.

Holder of 2,461 hectares of land for salt production divided into 4 production units (Salina Calombolo, Salina Tentativa, Salina Bahia, Salina Zeca Monteiro). Currently with an annual average production of 50,000 tons which represents 80% of the national production of iodized salt.


– 1000 employees


The Fishery Iemanjá is the symbol of Naipe, Lda., that opened its doors in 2004 and is dedicated to fishing, freezing and the conservation of fish.
Technical quality in the construction of wooden vessels, as well as in the ship-repair of wood, iron or fiberglass.
The Agricultural Complex, is dedicated to beef cattle breeding, as well as agriculture and production of citrus trees.
It was born in 2010, in the municipality of Catumbela and is the best ally in the indoor / outdoor decorating and landscaping.
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